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Originally Posted by lizzygirl2412 View Post
I am off work this week and I have been told to spend some time with her and get to know her. Trying to keep an open mind...
Yes I do believe she wantsu husband to herself but I don't see that happening.
So from what I've seen, she's been extremely disrespectful to you in your own home, saying she's going to be the "Queen of the Castle," moving your toothbrush (!!!), and calling you a party pooper when you don't nicely and quietly move out of her way.

What more do you need to get to know about her?

I'll say it again - this behavior is extremely disrespectful. You have no obligation to become friends with someone who is being openly hostile to you and your position in your own home. You have no obligation to become friends with ANYONE, for that matter. Your heart, your choice, Sub or not. You give him that power, remember. Be strong.

And, as an aside, it's nice to see that the toothbrush thing isn't just me - I find it a very personal thing. It *meant* something to me when my partner began to leave his toothbrush in the holder with mine and my kids', and I loved it even more when his daughter left hers in the same place. It's *home*. From my personal POV, she's displacing you from your rightful place in your home. If it had been me, I probably would have had fantasies about displacing HER toothbrush right in the toilet.
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