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no one can tell you for sure what you are or aren't doing in terms of "settling".
BUT-I can tell you that I simply didn't KNOW how to describe my love for another to my husband. When I finally did, I was SHAKING in terror. But he was happy to know the truth, while still trying to find out details of "what does that mean".
I too was raised religious. Yes those thoughts will creep in.

But part of maturity (and many people NEVER get this) is taking the responsibility to seek out what answers are true FOR YOU. Instead of just taking what you (we) are taught "as gospel".

So my advice is-give it a chance, you've already said you aren't getting married right now etc. Take time to learn yourself, and this relationship. Also-take time to REALLY consider WHAT YOU believe and what YOUR "world view" is.
Where are you going with your life?
What is your goal?
(I tell anyone who asks) EVERY decision you make in life should be put against those two questions.
If it doesn't help you move TOWARDS your goal-might not be a good choice. If it actively moves you AWAY from your goal, good reason to believe it's a BAD choice.
If it's not pertinent to your goals for you-drop it.
I reject your reality and substitute my own....
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