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Default Nightly Check-In

Today was great. After this morning's post, Brit and I had some more bonding time. We ended up spending three hours in men's sections in various stores with our husbands. I still have no idea what they were looking for. If I never see another section of menswear, it would not be too soon. Matt said, "There are no grown men clothes to be found." The things he says can only be classified as Matt-isms.

We grabbed lunch at Nobu with Brit, her husband, and their children before we took them to Stansted. It was nice to just talk and laugh with old friends. I enjoyed our one night extravaganza, and I look forward to seeing them again next weekend, when they stop over in London, before they head back home next Sunday. I hope they enjoy their holiday.

Matt and I talked the entire drive back into London. It was an hour's drive. When we got back into London, we headed to Waitrose with our children. Grocery shopping is never an in and out trip when our children are with us. I tend to like to go by myself, so I can stay within budget. When Matt and our children join, the budget doubles. I should have known that. I am glad we did it today instead of another day, though.

We put the groceries up together and talked while we did. I love our random chats now more than ever before. We also worked on dinner together. There was a lot of flirting, neck kissing, and touching going on. I like the light-hearted side of our marriage, and I have missed that terribly. Dinner was great, and dessert was already taken care of. We had picked up a strawberry and champagne cake earlier in the day. We shared a piece and some ice cream while we cuddled and watched a movie with our children.

After the movie, it was bath and bed time for the little duckies. I stayed in her room until she went to sleep. I walked into my son's nursery, and Matt was rocking him to sleep after he finished his bottle. We ended up singing him to sleep. I love our random little songs that end up making perfect sense because we play off of each other. Those moments remind me why I love being a mum so much.

Once he was sleep, we headed downstairs to work on the laundry. I dislike laundry because it never seems to end. We just finished a short while ago. He is in his office, and I am conditioning my hair before I do my blowout. I am watching some mini doc called, "A Girl's Guide to 21st Century Sex." The things that come on the telly.

I am feeling considerably better and more at ease. I woke up Friday morning determined to take a mental break from all of the constant anguish in our lives. I feel like we are back to living and not just going through the motions of life. I do not know what tomorrow holds, but I know that the past three days have been a vast improvement over the past nine weeks.

I texted Si at various points during the day. We video chatted before she went to bed. Our friendship is improving and getting better. We have a tentative lunch date scheduled for some point this week. I have no idea how the exchange with Matt is going to go, but she seems hopeful that it may help to resolve some of the tension between them. I have no idea how she feels towards him or towards his ill feelings against her. It is not something that has been discussed in great detail. I did not want to push it, but I am here to listen whenever she decides to open up and talk to me about it.

I am off to finish my blowout and get ready for work in the morning. Monday's are never slow! Good night and enjoy the rest of your Sunday's or the start of your Monday's.

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