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Bit of an internal update here. Internal as in my own thoughts, but also, as something connected with us all, here.

I feel I don't contribute enough to the rest of you lately.

I came to this site with lots of energy, and lots of questions. I was welcomed warmly by many. A lot of you still here, now! Hi there! *waves*
and I took and took, and even took all that was given.

Sure, I was rather active myself, at the time. But I always felt it was for my own benefit. Although selfishness, in a sense, is certainly not a bad thing, I've never felt like I want to be. I'd give everyone the world, if I could.

My current thinking, though, has been with places like this. The personal areas we carve out on the site. Where we fall back, and project ourselves outwards to each other.
and this seems to be all I do.
When I feel like adding to the forums, it's almost always here, in my own safe place. I'm even doing it now!

But I feel I should be coming in and talking with the rest of you. Freely moving about all your stories, and joining in what seems to be a lot of good chatter. I read a lot of it. I just never engage. I know some people like to keep their blog space personal, and some people allow free conversation to take place. I'm a free conversation guy, myself! Let's talk about anything here!
But that is where I find one of the first problems. I'm no good at judging something so social. When is the right time and place to join in? Other than when spelt out directly in the first post. But even then, mind's change, and we sometimes want something different.

I'm quite a straightforward talker, too. I don't have a softer way of putting things. People find my conversational skills to be quite aggressive. Knowing this myself, makes me hold off, too. What if I upset someone? Say something stupid, and get a kick up the arse from the mods?

But I feel that I'm going to start being more involved. I want to dive head first into your internet lives and get to know you all. So really, I just feel like this is a warning, and you should lock your doors whilst you have the chance.

[Insert witty comment here]
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