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What is she doing to "mark her territory"? Urinating on the walls and furniture? My advice to you is vinegar. The acid in the vinegar neutralizes the urea and ammonia in the urine, which is what gives it that characteristic bad odor. It won't harm most fabrics and surfaces. of course, a better, long-term solution would be to make sure your toilet is easy to find and always has paper on the roll. Every time you catch her "marking her territory", show her where the bathroom is and make her stay there until she uses the toilet. Eventually, she will start to go to the bathroom on her own and will stop associating urination with "marking of territory". Usually, this behaviour is common in males, especially un-neutered males; but occasionally it manifests itself in females of the species too. No one really understands why, but scientists are hard at work finding the answer(s) even as i type this.
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