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Good Morning All
My husband and I met someone a couple weeks ago. Things seem to be moving right along. I have really enjoyed her company and so has he.
As you all know this is my first experience in a poly relationship and I am trying to keep an open mind and take things as they come.
I do however find things moving to fast sometimes and I get this anxiety feeling in my stomach and not sure how to slow things down. I did agree to this and I do not have an exact issue with anything. Just am not sure how to deal with feeling overwhelmed.
The person that we have gotten involved with also has never been in a poly relationship and I find her agreeing to everything and holding back. Every once in a while I find her doing little petty things to try and "mark her territory" but not communiticating about what her actual problem is.
How do I work with this?? I would like for her to be able to feel like she can speak freely.
In a hurry as usual, sorry for the bits and pieces thrown out so jumbled but any advice is welcome.
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