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Honestly gender really doesnt matter. We are both really really close to all of our friends( which is a tight circle) some of which are married, some are not , but we all are close truly love each other(as of yet weve never been physically intimate with any ofthem and tgats fine with me) Im sure some people would think thats its odd how we all interact when we are together but we really dont care. The guys all call each other baby or sweetie and say I love you, and they really mean it. Absolutely no sarcasm. Its pretty adorable to see them interacting like that. And all of us ladies are the same way. I have a friend who lives across the country that ive never actually met, and shes a wonderful person and tho R and I have never met her, we both openly care about her deeply.

My point being , who ever comes in and blends well , in any way, is welcome.
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