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Morning, morning, morning!

Today is a wonderful day. Well, the whole weekend has been wonderful. It started yesterday. I worked the first few hours of the morning. My best friend, her husband, and their two children arrived an hour earlier than expected, but it worked out because of the traffic. We invited them over for brunch, and it was nice. Our husbands left, and our respective days started. We agreed to meet at 6 for a pre-concert dinner.

Brit and I did some shopping, had lunch, and high tea. It felt good to talk about everything, and I always appreciate her perspective. We had a chocolate themed high tea before dinner, which is ideal for a chocolate lover.

I headed home to get dressed for dinner. Dinner was great for many different reasons. Our children were there and making everyone laugh. The food was excellent. All seven courses!

After dinner, we said our good-byes for the time being. They had a stag party to attend. Our children stayed with my sister. My nephews asked for them to come over, and I agreed. Si, Brit, N.J. (our nanny), and I left for the concert. We arrived as Beyonce's opening act was on the stage. I have to say that Beyonce is amazing live. We were close enough to smell her perfume. I can appreciate and respect hard work. She gave 150%. I enjoyed the entire 2.5 hour experience.

The concert ended a little around 11. We called to check on our children. I was texting Matt all night. I found myself missing him. We ended up going out for drinks and dancing. I am not big on alcohol, but I do love dancing. It is something about dancing close and feeling the heat of people around you. That connection is always interesting.

We all retired around 2:45. I got home around 3ish. Matt was already at home, and our children were sleeping. He hugged me when I walked in. The kiss we shared was the kind of kiss that told me he still wanted me. It was different. More passionate and intense. I hated to break from it, but I wanted to take a shower because I had been around so many people. We took a shower together. Water, steam, and passion lead to the start of the most beautiful morning. What started in the shower did not end there. I think I took the desire for that connection with him for granted. I was reminded why I loved it so. It was the soft kisses placed on my inner thighs and the way he trailed his fingertips down the plane of abdomen. Something familiar felt brand new. I appreciate the time taken to drive me to distraction, too. Bringing me to the edge and then stopping. It was like beautiful frustration. After, I was exhausted. My body was taken to new heights. I curled up against him and went to sleep. I slept peacefully.

When I woke up a few hours ago, he was awake and still holding me. Another session ensued. I was in control. He could look but could not touch. I like being in control.

We took a shower together and got dressed. Our children were up. We ate breakfast with them. There was lots of flirting. When we walked into the kitchen, he was kissing my neck and whispering in my ear. It did not stop when I answered Brit's call. He reminded me that it was not over just yet. Such a tease.

Now, we are out with our friends and children. I was so shocked when he reached to hold my hand. I am loving the PDA. I left him to get some boba like right down the street. I was waiting on my order, so I pulled out my phablet and decided to update.

I know taking a break from counselling is likely not advised, but I think it might help us. We have to learn how to face our problems, but we are also not trying to fix all of them on our own. We are communicating better and more effectively. Mistakes are expected, but we are learning from them and growing. I love that he is talking to me about how he feels little by little. Baby steps, right?

Things with Si are going well. We talk every day. She was at the concert with us last night and even joined us for drinks/dancing. I am happy that we are working on our friendship and growing from our experiences, too. Admittedly, we both made mistakes, but as long as we are learning from them and trying to do better, I believe it will be okay. Brit asked if we were going to get back together. For the time being, healing our friendship is taking precedence over the relationship. I am still in love with her, and if this meant to be, it will work out.

I am not pushing for Matt to accept Si as anything. That is his call to make. I will support him in whatever he decides. He has agreed to meet with her on Thursday. Our children are the only thing that are not up for discussion. I know there is bad blood between them, but I do think they need to get everything out in the open. He agreed to this with a few stipulations. She agreed as well. I am not expecting a miracle, but I do hope they each feel better after talking. I do not expect them to hug or be anything more than civil. He has boundaries. Just like her.

I am back with the group, so I am off again. Enjoy your Sunday and relax before getting back to work tomorrow!


*Excuse any typos. Autocorrect is not my friend.
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