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Default It sounds like he is asking

or maybe stating that your advice would be better received if it sounded a little less hypocritical, what I mean by that is not being so hypercritical of everyone else. Being both hypercritical of others and hypocritical when both are taken to extremes is what he may be asking to tone down,

I don't know if you only get this way around people who say bro, but here are two things that you said:

Originally Posted by Boring Guy
There is no "the" poly community. Please define the subset. Please define what "community" means in this context. The people who live in my zip code are a sort of "community", but we don't have a section of town where all the poly people have their own zip code. The "online poly community"? There could be more than one "poly community" on the internet, and there are people who would argue that there is no such thing. The "community" that is sometimes perceived to be this forum? Craigs List? OK Cupid? (from the rant on couple privilege)

But for all we know, you (the OP) COULD be... there are other things that make people chauvinistic, selfish, controlling jerks besides whether or not they want to fuck two women but don't want "their" women fucking other men. We, "THE poly community", WE don't have enough information about you to judge you that way... YET.
(from Cloudy asking about one penis policy)

If you honestly have no idea what he may be talking about, that's one thing, but is that what you are honestly saying?

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