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Hi everyone. Ive been in a close wonderful relationship for 4 years with R but have known eachother for over 15 years. We are madly in love. We have discussed adding someone to our lives for about 3 years but werent sure if we were ready at that point. We now feel we are and have been talking and discussing this seriously for about a year.

I am the kind of person that loves with my whole heart. And there are so many kinds of love. And so does R. I would be happy and honored to add somone to our family that we can both share our love with. I feel its a blessing to be able to share that kind of love with somone special to us. Not necessarily in a sexual way, but rather in a deep emotional way. If sex becomes a factor then so be it, but its not the first thing that is jumped to.

Any thoughts or input woul be much appreciated and welcomed
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