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Thanks for all the great replies and suggestions! Sterling, sounds like a great situation that developed between the 3 of you over time. Very much the way I see our poly relationship going, my wife adored by 2 men, and all able to hang out and spend good quality time together.
JaneQSmith, I could actually see my wife's boyfriend and I as roommates, even if my wife wasn't involved. I believe during the his last visit, that was 2 1/2 weeks long, he and I actually hung out more, doing stuff around the house, the yard, cooking and grilling and just relaxing than my wife and he, LOL....T is more than comfortable getting up from the table in the evening, saying her good nights and leaving us (the guys) to hang out and talk, have a few drinks, which the both of us are completely comfortable with as well....
Though I do understand that long visits are different from all three of us living under the same roof, hence the reason we are moving very slowly towards that and have made no commitments one way or the other. Time will tell and if we feel it is eventually something we really want to do, than we will move forward, until than good friendships....good relationships and everything that go along with is continue to develop.
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