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~ continued ~

One way to BEGIN to discus what is awry in how many (perhaps even most) people conceive of and practice "love" / "loving" would be to begin by showing many of the popular myths about love / loving to be either false or destructive rather than enhancing of love/life.

The mere length of this laundry list is enormous enough for my above response, which seems perhaps like an evasion, to make more sense. I'd honsetly need to work on the laundry list itself over many days, and collaboratively with others. I can mention a few items for the list in short order....:

Myths of love / loving:

a) "If you really loved me you wouldn't want to love ______."

b) "If you love _______ and me, I'll only get half as much of your love as if you loved only me."

c) "Naked cuddling is only for 'lovers' / sexual partners--and only makes sense as an activity on a trajectory toward genital sex."

d) "Only sexual/romantic love is passionate."

e) "If you really loved me, you'd want to marry me."

f) "Sex without warmth/tenderness/affection ("heart") is in no way harmful; it's just recreational play--completely harmless."

[I'll think of other items over time, and welcome others to help build the list.]

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