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Originally Posted by kkxvlv View Post
Re-read the post newguy

Re-read the post newguy! Not that he needs me to defend him, but where did you even get the idea BoringGuy was attacking you? If he was attacking anyone is was the OP. He only referred to you to say that while you (newguy) don't think the OP is a jerk, WE (the group) don't actually know if he's a jerk or not because we (the group) don't have nearly enough information to judge that.
Got it....BoringGuy please accept my apology...after I re-read the post, I realize that "OP" meant original poster...not me. For my misunderstanding, I apologize.

Thanks kkxvlv for politely suggesting I pull my head out of my ass...I needed it! And you are right about what I was trying to say...
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