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Re-read the post newguy
Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
But for all we know, you (the OP) COULD be... there are other things that make people chauvinistic, selfish, controlling jerks besides whether or not they want to fuck two women but don't want "their" women fucking other men. We, "THE poly community", WE don't have enough information about you to judge you that way... YET.
Re-read the post newguy! Not that he needs me to defend him, but where did you even get the idea BoringGuy was attacking you? If he was attacking anyone is was the OP. He only referred to you to say that while you (newguy) don't think the OP is a jerk, WE (the group) don't actually know if he's a jerk or not because we (the group) don't have nearly enough information to judge that.

The way I see it BoringGuy is a lot more boring than people imagine. He's not trying to be clever or attack people. He's just a man who is tired of people not saying what they mean. In this case, I think you meant to say you didn't think the OP's feelings about this situation make him a jerk. Instead you've made a judgement of his entire character as a jerk or not based on one short post.
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