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Originally Posted by newguy View Post apologies...I missed the vote where you won the "Speaker for all of the Poly Community" chair. :-)

Seriously, this thread is not about me...he asked questions of people in a poly relationship...since (the last time i check) I'm in one, I answered his questions the way I felt. I'm not sure why you would attack me for my opinion on this issue...was it because it differs from yours?

Anyway, my opinion about this situation, and knowing nothing about him otherwise, I don't think he is a jerk...but if you feel that he is, or if you fel that I am for the way I feel, that's your opinion...and you are entitled to it. But to say that I might be one because you don't know me well enough, in my opinion is wrong...last question, if I had agreed with you and called him a jerk, would you have still made that statement about me?...well the statement about not knowing me? I wonder...

Ohhh gaaaaaauuuuuud not again. Not this "wahhhh boring guy attacked me" crap again... Other people get it...

Originally Posted by Inyourendo View Post
Oh Boring guy, I dig the way your brain work

See? How come u no get it? Y u no laffing mon? Are you seriously butt-hurt or are you making fun of me back? Because before i try to explain it to you, i need to know if it is really necessary or not. You DO realize we're all friends here, we can hang or whatevar, but don't b trippin, yo.

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