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Haha ygirl, yer funny,

I tend to think it's best to treat others as you want to be treated. I want my partners to be honest and open with me and share everything in their lives so that we may be closer. If I don't tell them I am poly or any other interesting fact about myself then I feel less close to them and unable to have a deep meaningful relationship with them. That is just a waste of my time at this point.

I have a mono boyfriend and I chose him for his character. I wouldn't decide to not be with someone because they are not poly. Actually poly folk come with a whole gammit of stuff that I don't have to deal with because I am with a mono boyfriend. Just as my husband comes with a whole gammit of stuff that I don't have to deal with because he is poly. To me it's the person and the person only that makes me decide if they are a fit for me and worth my time.

I sense your frustration in your post Kraven. It is frustrating to find a person that fits with us and us with them, but being frustrated won't help I think... perhaps being a bit more patient and letting yourself shine through when you meet women with the intent of just seeing what happens would work better. At least if something happens then it will from a place of honesty and good communication. A good poly relationship is based on that anyway I think we have established.
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