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Originally Posted by couplelookingforfemale View Post
Hello everyone I am a happily married male looking for a female friend for my wife, me or both of us. We have no problems sexually and feel we have a very healthy relationship. My wife is bisexual and I have no problem with her exploring that aspect of her sexuality. We both have agreed that we would have no problem with one or the other being with another woman as long as the other was present. So we thought this would be a good spot to get to know some more people with similar interests and explore that aspect of our sexuality. We are both constantly checking out other woman and there is absolutely no jealousy in our relationship.

Looking forward to meeting more of you.
Good luck in your search.
Please read as much as you can about polyamory. Finding a girl for you both or just her might not be as easy as you think. Keep communication open. Watching women and actually dating or sleeping with one is completely different and brings up feelings that you might not have considered.

Being poly doesn't always mean that 5 years from now you will be interested in the same things you or she are into now or in the same place in your relationship that you are now, so be open to communication and change.
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