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Indeed; i cannot see past this "bringing into" whenever it comes up, no matter what else. If you go about it that way, it isn't really relevant what sex/genders the people are, whether there is an OPP or not... It's about being self-aware, and realizing that you might see this as a wonderful generous thing, "look, you get to JOIN our relationship, which is already fully stocked with anything a girl could possibly want! We've installed a 3-person hot-tub, ordered the champagne and bubble-bath, and we are SURE this is what we want. It could be yours, too! As long as you want the same things we want. This could be an awesome opportunity for the right girl! But only if you are a non-smoker (tobacco only, 420 ok in moderation and/or on weekendsir special occasions, before/after meals, sex, fights, make-up sex, talks, walks, walks in the park, talks in the dark, huh? Whatever - we pretty much smoke pot every damn day morning noon and night, we smoke joints while getting ready to do bong hits, so you better do that too or at least be ok with being around it all the time, and all our friends stopping by to um, "visit". We have lots of friends, and they like to stop by for visits, but don't worry they only last like 5 or 10 minutes and take place mostly in our bedroom. Are you ok with that? We're ok with it if YOU want to have some people over, as long as they stay out of OUR BEDROOM... Unless we invite them in to chill... This is our HOME and we're very protective of it, you would be the same way if this were YOUR home), moderate alcohol drinker (beer/wine only), DDD free, enjoy caring for children/dogs and must not have any of your own children or pets, although we could probably make room for a hamster or goldfish, but not a birdcage or large aquarium. THIS IS NOT ABOUT JUST SEX. We are looking for a serious, equal relationship with the right woman."

Won't someone make me stop? This is way too easy...
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