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Default Sorry for the drama

Ok I'm free!

I was an alternate juror. Which means you are present for the whole trial which I totally understood and remained calm during. But then once they go into deliberations, they just lock the alternates in a room and thats it, no further instructions, stay here until we tell you you can leave. In the end they called us up to the courtroom and then told us in the hall we could go. No thanks for your service, I still have no idea what the outcome was. I know I was being super dramatic about it but after three days and lack of contact from our court (other alternates seemed to receive a lot more information and scheduling.) I was losing it. There was absolutely no reason for us to be there. Once the trial was over they could have just called us in if a replacement was needed. I thought we were required to be there when they read the verdict or something but no. We were treated with absolutely no respect by our court during the trial either. There was one day we were in court for less than 100 minutes of the entire day. It took 7 days for less than 4 hours of testimony. The judge insisted that was not normal but it happened every day I was there. UGH! Ok it's over. Sorry for the rant.
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