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So, a couple of weeks ago MrBrown indicated that his GF (his primary, I suppose, though he doesn't talk in hierarchy, but they see each other a lot even if they don't live together) was interested in meeting me.

I've indicated from when I first started seeing him I was interested in meeting her. He keeps his relationships pretty separate (though he talks to me about her, and says he talks to her about me) but she was hesitant.

Anyway, I was thrilled when he said she wanted to meet me. But then I didn't hear anything about it anymore (and did not bring it up myself).

So tonight I'm at work and he texts me if I want to hang out and meet her.. let's call her Liza.. so here I am at home waiting for the text to tell me to which bar I should go.. I'm so freaking excited!!!!

off I go! will report back tomorrow!
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