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Originally Posted by BigGuy View Post
Define "mostly fine".

If the relationship is not solid, then adding more people will not fix it.

If the relationship is solid, then adding people can enrich your life as no one can be all things to another.
My marriage was "mostly fine". There's always work that can be done, but there weren't any issues that would cause a split. I'd like more sex. She's like more housework done. No, the two aren't correlated (I made a chart to be sure )

Val, good luck on your adventure. My suggestion is to take time and be patient. Our opening is going really well. I think it's made my wife and I closer. We've done a lot of talking (and we have always been really good at it) because I've needed her to respond and let me know what she's thinking. It's made me more secure and more confident. I think she's getting more of her needs met.

Lots of good information here. Lots of good people to talk to.
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