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Default New to, not to polyamory

Hello everyone. I've been actively and openly poly for nearly six years now but this is the first time I have used this site. Also, I don't currently have any romantic partners. ::sad face::

First off, the cliff notes... bi/poly/kinky... not terribly geeky... quasi-geeky? Maybe?

I'm gender fluid and bi, though I tend to be attracted to masculinity regardless of biological sex. I'm a mother, an 80's nostalgia geek, animal welfare advocate, and mystic, though I take an Ignostic stance during theological debate... not the same as Agnostic.

I help out some friends with their small jewelry and craft boutique from time to time. It's something I enjoy doing and it brings in a little extra cash.

I love animals, sometimes more than people, lol. I've been training dogs for seventeen years now. I am a certified veterinary assistant. I also do my own grooming. I have one dog (Simon), an amelanistic corn snake (Lucius), and a banded California king snake (Regulus).
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