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Default Would make a great film...

A few updates and again, thanks for the support and friendship that has emerged as a result of this post. Sometimes poly life is oddly lonely for those of us deeply closeted. Especially for my bf, who is deeply closeted and also monogamous and has to constantly deal with friends and family asking him when he is going to start dating again...especially when the questions comes in our social circle and he is sitting right between myself and my husband on game night. A lot of our difficulties have boiled down to that, a lot of loneliness...because no matter how much time I have with the bf, there is a parting and he is alone. He doesn't mind being alone, but it is a constant reminder of the life he has chosen.

After a tumultuous week of discussion, clarification, and misunderstanding, we had the opportunity to "revive" the love scene we had performed for our local community theatre for our awards night. He fell in love with me during that production almost a year ago, although this was before my husband and I had agreed to allow others into our relationship. The bf is a filmmaker, and can't help but think our story would make a fantastic film...especially with the envelope of doing this scene again...publicly. Even though the audience thinks we were "acting", we were able to kiss and profess our love in front of several people and it was beautiful. One of my friends (that does not know), stated, "that kiss seemed a little longer than in the original production..."

I feel my empathy has improved, and we have the opportunity to move forward with much greater love and understanding.

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