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I get that, but he doubts everything I say, who is that helping? I see no benefit. It feels like being slapped in the face.
It helps YOU do your part in helping out YOUR MARRIAGE. You are present and accountable at the negotiation table. (other thread, similar concept)

You are showing up at the table to attend to your marriage and for you to be accountable IN your marriage and TO your marriage.

That's who it helps. YOU. And your marriage.

There's no halfsies here. You are either IN the marriage showing up still trying to connect or you are absent, no longer trying to connect and moving away from the marriage.

If that long term marriage goal is what you want? You have to keep showing up to be present and accounted for. You may not know what to do or say but... you are HERE. To learn it.

If that long term marriage goal is what you want? Attendance at the marriage is not optional. It is mandatory.

Hang in there.


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