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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
Now your nit picking my suggestions and missing my point - just talk about anything other than relationship issues. Anxiety over the renovations is exactly what I'm talking about.

Not suggesting sitting in a room and doing nothing - but maybe you guys need some time to PRACTICE, just taking a walk holding hands and not talking, etc. I find this harder to do at home, there is always a distraction or something to do. Silence between you doesn't have to be awkward. I have found it can be fun to just sit together, hands, legs or feet touching (some body part for a physical connection), while we each play on our own cell phone or tablet. Not all the time, but if I don't make the effort, I will tend to isolate myself too much.
You are right. It will require practise. I just find contentment in being alone. I am slowly getting used to it anyway. He can do his thing, and I can do mine. That is the way it has become anyway.
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