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Q has a hickey. That I didn't give him. He blushed when I pointed it out. So cute!

The other day I asked him if he thought he was falling in love with Miss M. He looked at me like I was crazy, since they've been going out less than a month, until I reminded him that he told me he loved me within 3 weeks. I know that was mostly NRE, but I was curious if he was going through the same kind of thing this time. Apparently, not yet.

He texted Miss M and told her I'd asked, and she freaked out, thinking that I thought they were moving too fast. I think she was worried that I would put the breaks on their relationship. Q assured her that I believe that people can be in love with more than one person at a time and I think everything's good now.

Nothing new on my dating front, either from Hermes or OKC. I'm letting Hermes take the lead on any further contact between us. I desperately need to get onto a computer with OKC access so I can answer the growing spate of letters in my inbox. Maybe I'll do that tonight. My favorite recent (bad) message from OKC was "There are two very big reasons you and I should hang out." I'm rather large breasted. Once he got the message that I don't do casual sex, he stopped messaging.
Me: 30yo wife
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