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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
I think you meant infancy . Keep this in mind when you get discouraged. It has ONLY been 9 weeks to change and undo what you spent 12 years making automatic. It will take time. There is only so much "talking" that can be done before your re-hashing the same thing over and over again, which isn't helpful. Talk about everyday stuff or plans for the move, dreams for your house, the stupidity of a tv show, etc. or don't talk and just be in each others company. There were many times, I saved all my "talking" for counceling, otherwise I wouldn't have anything to say once we got there and somehow, it made a bigger impact in that setting.

I prefer to be by myself. I just get tired of talking, and I want to be one with myself. I rarely watch TV. The DVR cue has about 90 shows recorded. The dreams for our house? I am not there to micromanage, and I have to depend a third party to be honest. It drives me crazy having to depend on anybody and trusting that they will get it done. Long distance renovations are ideal for some. For me? I am thinking about all that is likely wrong. f it was not so far, that is where we would be spending a week. I hate awkward silence. That is what being in someone's company does for me. I end up walking away and doing something more productive than sitting in a room not saying a word. We have been out of counselling for almost two hours. I have been by myself for 1 hr and 54 mins. I will see him in about 35 minutes, so we can go to dinner.
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