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Originally Posted by NutBusterX View Post
*sigh* I remember it.

I just want to emphasize the words, "mostly females." This is an accurate statement, but on occasion it happens to males as well.

The phrase i like to use is, "Everybody fucks a frog from time to time"

Do enjoy your day

Absolutely emphasize "mostly". I said it that way because recently a few friends of mine had this happen, these friends of mine all are female. In no way was that supposed to be some kind of sexist generalization. Unfortunately, so much sexist generalization happens in the world, it's one of the first assumptions people make about things other people say. Another reason i qualified that statement is because i think i've observed that men hide their crazy better than women do... If that be so, then perhaps it's because of men being conditioned to not express emotion ? Then one day they just reach their threshold?


Anyway. One of my friends thought she had the perfect life, perfect marriage, perfect children, perfect goat farm, etc. then one day her prince charming beat her up and she escaped with the kids to a women's shelter. She refused to press charges and he got a lawyer, full custody, she pays HIM child support (which is fair for the noncustodial parent to do but WAIT there's more), and he has SITTERS watching the kids even when their mother is available and willing. This is an extreme case, i am not telling the entire story because it's not relevant. What IS relevant is that you can think you know someone and be able to predict exactly what they will do in a given situation, but you can never know for sure, and people find this out the hard way all the time.
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