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Originally Posted by MiAmorX2 View Post
LOL! thanks!
Yea most anytime I join a forum and they ask where I'm from and find out it's Oklahoma some type of howdy or y'all remark is made I'm guessing they think we all sound like cowboys lmao!
your sarcasm made me laugh out loud I think I'll fit in just fine here
Umm . . .yeah, well . . . the thing is . . . I wasn't being sarcastic.

I'm from Texas. Fifth generation native Texan, to be specific. And I actually say y'all and howdy. I even know the plural form of y'all, and how to use it correctly in a sentence. It's part of my cultural heritage. As are pickups, boots and hats big enough to water your horse out of. And people who leave their doors unlocked at night and who stop to help when they see someone broken down by the side of the road. And Indian battles; I myself had relatives on both sides of the last great Indian battle here in the Lone Star State. I know not everyone feels that way about it, and to each their own, but I'm proud of my people and my heritage.

Perhaps you weren't responding to me, anyhow.

Still, Welcome to the forum, OK.
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