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When Wendigo and I first got together, our relationship was 100% in the closet, to the point where he (my best friend) was suddenly afraid to hug me in public after having done that for 2 years prior as my best friend. Lol, so funny to think about that now. Anyways, we are in the closet 90% of the time due to my career (I signed a morality clause that wasn't all that specific about what was immoral) and due to him having a teenage son who was just starting to date when we got together and was also spending a lot of time miniature war gaming with his father, my husband, and I. Over the last four years, the need to be 100% in the closet has diminished. The people we spend the most time with know and we still do things in the community as friends. We also car pool in the evenings, so his and Runic Wolf's work have no questions when I pick him up if Runic Wolf is out sick or if I bring both of them lunch. *shrugs* I guess it depends on the person, but we don't mind it, as long as the quality of our interactions remains the same.
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