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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
For myself, I've found that three relationships feels like a good upper limit right now. The things that have been most helpful are Google Calendar for scheduling time together, and this from BP for keeping my head on straight:

Don't forget to leave your self sufficient time to rest and do chores and such.

Congratulations!!!! If people are briefly scandalized they will get over it, don't worry.
Thank you so much Annabel! Yeah, three is definitely my upper limit too. I am using Google Calendar already, it's very handy. BP's post was also quite helpful, so thanks for that.

Yeah, that is where I'm struggling, taking time for myself. I know I don't need it very much, but everyone needs it at least a little bit. Today I was supposed to have plans but I didn't in the end and I'm actually really glad about it. Having some me-time tonight, very good and healthy. I'm skyping with Hank later, but that almost doesn't count because I've already had so many hours to myself before it and I don't think we'll talk that long, so this has been mainly alone time anyway. But I should really pay attention to that more, I usually never schedule alone time because I just assume I will be alone at some point whether I want it or not, but lately that hasn't happened. Maybe I should start scheduling time for myself, because I have been feeling quite tired lately.

I've now told a couple of friends in Home Country about Hank. They were a little scandalised, but got over it quickly. These are two very close friends of mine and they're actually coming to see me in a little over a month. We just agreed that they'll meet all my partners at the same time! Well they've both seen rory before, but they're going to meet Evan and Hank for the first time at the same time, because we just don't have enough time for another kind of arrangement. I'm really excited about this, I get to spend an evening with rory, Evan, Hank and two very close friends. What could be better? I'm glad that my partners have all met each other before and nobody has a problem with anyone else.

But then I am having some sort of a metamour problem. I think Dena is avoiding meeting me. Me and Evan have been together for 3 months now and me and Dena still haven't met. Partially it's been about circumstances, she being out of the country a lot etc, but there have been plenty of opportunities for us to meet and she just hasn't come to any event that I've also been in. She wants the first meetup to be in a group situation and not just the three of us. That's fine by me, but that would require her to actually attend an event / group situation where I am as well.. Now there's three events coming up soon where we've both been invited to and thinking of going. The first one is something I'm definitely going to, she's not sure yet. The second one we're both unsure about and the third one she's very likely going to, but I'm not sure. So we'll see what happens.
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