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I think the point someone wanted to make about not wearing rings was that it could be considered a form of misrepresentation - "lying by omission" if you will. Correct me if i'm mistaken whoever said that because i am not trying to speak on thy behalf. Just my guess.

But even if i am correct about that, consider this. Not everyone HAS wedding rings (hello! Yours truly & Co.) so if i go out with my spouse to flirt with people together (which we don't do, but we COULD), is THAT "misrepresenting" ourselves? When God came down from Heaven and spoke to us all about how we HAVE to have rings if we are to be married, i must have been taking a shit or something because i totally did not hear Him say that. Not to mention people who are "together" but not legally married. Should THEY wear rings or not? And why or why not? These are the voyages of Starship Enigmatic...
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