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Thanks ! Yes I think you're right. Patience is the key.
For that matter hooking up only for sex is a lot easier, dont need to get along past appareances for that (for one night stands at least)

I'm really wondering how everything is going to turn out.....

I'm also kinda unsure about what what said earlier about not wearing the ring when we go out to party.... I understand the intent but I dont see anyone willing to flirt with either one of us if we go out together with our rings no ?

Also regarding body and how attracted we are to one another or my husband to me, I'm lucky for that, we get along very well in bed, and he has always said he loved making love or having sex with me, we are very free and share our fantaisies in bed even about others. Never had the slightest problem to climax every single time both him and me as well. We have talked a lot about how attracted to me he is, and even when he was really cold and distant he told me he never had te slightest issue in being attracted to me and that he loved my body.
He just felt neglected for so long that he had given up on intimacy. But it's no longer the case
That's a great solid point

I was just mentionning the past 18 months to give a bit of background on where we were and what we just came out from. We had almost nothing during that time but we're finally out of the bush.

I am interested by the idea of flirting, maybe sleeping around. It just seems so hard to let go of the idea of not sharing him.
My insecurity probably
And his "not only for sex" comments worry me cause it makes me thinks there might be a real big risk of him pulling away from me because sharing a growing part of his life with someone else.

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