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We (Nutbusterx and I) live in a VERY small conservative Christian town, have MANY children (19) between the two of us, and have a photography business and we have had the same situation happen. Though the girlfriend of Nutbusterx lived about an hour away, she worked with him here in our town. So breakfasts and lunches together became a concern. We are less concerned about family (though I have an ex that threatened court if I came out as bi not poly) our concern was the children in high school and how the "oh I saw your dad cheating on your mom" rumor would go over, and be forced to tell them we are poly in a way that would have to be rushed. We talked to the older (20's age range) and started talking about poly out in the open to gauge the reactions of the others. No one really has said anything, and the younger one's will be told on a need to know basis due to the issues regarding the court and custody threats.

Hiding is no fun at all. Worrying about the fall out of the rumor mill isn't either. I have no real solutions as we face some of the same problems. But offer hugs, and sympathy. We understand what our going through..


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