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Question Should I speak about it?

I've been researching poly for about 6 months or so now and I've come across a few people in and out of the lifestyle! There are some bad apples and some good one...great people and fishy people! I spoken to a few indiviuals who say their relationship started out mono and transformed into a poly one! Of course I've spoken to people who have been in a poly relationship from day one!

So my question is...

is it better to just find someone you like, live mono and then suggest poly in the future after security has been structured in the relationship (even though you know being in a long term mono relationship is something you just can't imagine yourself doing)


Do you start the journey looking for poly minded people and not dating mono minded indiviuals! I mean like just coming out there, being upfront and saying hey, I'm poly and it isn't going to be any other way...take it or leave it? Lol of course i wouldn't be rude about it but I'm just saying!

I ask this because I meet a lot of wonderful women and I really want to date them but some of them are just so seriously and stubbornly against poly when I finally do tell them about it! I've even had people stop talking to me all because I even bring up the fact that I'm into the lifestyle at all!

any advice world....
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