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We have really had a wake up call and are headed to a much better situation.

Lots of intimacy that we both love is back now. So we're really getting to better grounds, grounds as we always knew before our son.

But he always had these desires on and off (why we had tried swingers club), but always repressed them and he no loger wants to.

I cant live with him unhappy, and even though I obviously wish us getting better will offset enough of those desires, I dont quite believe it can. It has been at play for too long.

And if it's getting used to a new lifestyle or breaking us up because he cant live otherwise, I would rather try a new lifestyle.

I absolutely want things on solid and happy grounds between us before we do anything to "complicate". We are aware of that. I made him aware of that and he seems to agree.
We are on the right track I think for us.

That still leaves a thousands worries and anxiety for how to live that new life in the next few months or so....

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