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1> Institute a policy that makes a course in "Relationships & Communication" mandatory before anyone would agree to license or perform said marriage. This course could also be implemented at secondary school level - even mandated for graduation. The schools have long failed now to educate our children in relative life skills anyway. A dual win.
Included in this course would be some real detailed stuff, some of it psychological, some sociological, and include discussions of the role of sex, needs, non-aggressive communication (term slips my mind - NVC?) etc. Included in this education would be the concept of polyamory !
Absolutely brilliant.

I think it would be KICKASS if we could create a class like this. If we used it-to teach our own kids at home, inevitably they will start talking and other kids curiosities will be raised. ESPECIALLY at the highschool level-that would open a lot of doors for sharing.

I would LOVE to see it implemented in schools for sure, but when we're talking about something that isn't even created, first we need it created (takes time) then we need to push for it to be added to school curriculums (LOTS LOTS MORE TIME) but we could create it and implement it fairly quickly on a at home basis and make it available for others (via the net for example) fairly quickly as well..
then still work on the side to promote it...

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