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Hi everyone,
Just a short update on the journey me and Redpepper have been on .

The love between us has been continuing to reach new levels that stagger both of us. The relationship I have with her husband and son is flourishing and I am feeling more and more like family. Her son asked me if I was going to stay in this family and in the manner of children stated that “he was” LOL! He also tells me he loves me and I love him as well.

Her husband and I have enjoyed working together on projects while camping and he has become my closest and most trusted confidant outside of Redpepper herself. I can share my worries and feelings with him as he is very logical and non judgemental in seeing through the emotional clouds that Redpepper and me have peered through at times.

Redpepper and I went through a very serious moment of misunderstanding each other which gave us a taste of what losing each other would feel like. This came out of misinterpreting our expectations and boundaries. More than anything it was due to different definitions of the same ideas and words. It was honestly terrifying and yet once we figured out what each other really needed and wanted we were basically on the same page! The result has been a new level of confidence and security in our relationship which has filled us with excitement in so many ways.

We are not forcing the future although we all have similar goals and desires. Essentially everyone in this relationship wants each other to be happy. Each of us is communicating and looking out for the well being of the other. I have no issues with time balance or public displays of affection when we are all together. (Except she tries to get me in trouble LOL!) My family is completely aware of our relationship and Redpepper’s family know I am a very close personal friend and occasional “babysitter” for thier son.

I can’t really speak for Redpepper and her husband but they seem as strong as ever and as in love as ever. I take great joy in aiding them in spending alone time together which makes me feel like I am bringing them closer as a couple. I am quite comfortable in referring to myself as a secondary (although that is not the word they would prefer), and will always put their family and primary relationship first and foremost.

As a group, we are active in the local poly community through monthly meetings where I humbly feel people view us as an example of deep poly success and what can be achieved if the right people come together.

We have challenges ahead I’m sure..but they are getting harder to identify and we are focussing on the present as opposed to living in a future that isn’t here yet.
I am extremely proud of Redpepper and feel blessed by every minute we have together alone and as a family if I might be so bold to use the word. I love her with all my heart and want only for her to be fulfilled and flourish. I definitely feel like a positive in her life and to her family which is my critical requirement to be healthy and happy.

Take care everyone
This wasn't quite as short as I intended

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