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So another update is due.
It amazes me as I look back over these messages, just how many changes keep happening... it's like watching evolution in progress!

So, F and I are still working hard at our relationship. After a few days away together (how we love those times) and after some heavy drinking, F started to talk about how she *wants* everything to be OK, that she *wants* to be able to deal with other people in my life, and that she *wants* our focus to be on what's good, not what 'isn't'.. I asked her the following day, when she had sobered up, if she still felt the same way.. giving her 'get out of jail free cards'.. to which she said, the truth often comes out when you're drunk...

So this was an interesting step. Up till then, we've been swinging together, and I've been quite clear that though I gain some pleasure in watching her in that environment, I'm not fussed about swinging because it's very transitory. She likes it, and I suspect it'll be something we do for a while. What it does seem to have managed to change is her entrenched view that sexual monogamy is important for a primary relationship. I think that she has seen that I relate to her in the same way now, as I did before, and that faithfulness is to 'us', not who we fuck.

We've been talking a lot about E, and what happened there... I'm still in contact with her, but we're nothing more than friends right now. But, F says that now she'd like to meet her and see if we can be friends. Since we had been looking for people to spend time with locally, this is quite a departure. It looks like we'll try to have dinner on Thursday next week... I'm gonna have to try not to get too excited, and also try not to imagine all the possibilities! I think E is still interested in me, so lets see how that goes.

Just yesterday though I also started talking to C. We met at an activity I do each week, but had only really smiled at each other.. - but then we were at the same running event on Sunday (different races) and it seemed like there was a bit of a spark. Anyway, last night, we had a chat online, and it went very well. She's interested, I'm interested.. I talked to F and she didn't freak out. So, it *looks like* things could go from one to three in a short space of time... I've often said that's what I think is manageable, connection, commitment, emotion wise.. so now it's up to me to prove it. Mustn't get ahead of myself though.. it's early days all round. Watch this space!
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