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Originally Posted by unloaded88 View Post
I have never met a woman who i share this level of compatability, philosophy, values, intellect and honest communication with in my life, and ive been in several long term relationships.
Awww! Congratulations.

She recently took a job in sales for a company that organizes "swingers" tours and flew to jamaica last friday for a week.
Can I just say what an awesome opportunity that is? Non-monogamist working for a company that caters to other non-monogamists -- wonderful matchup.

They had a long conversation and, with my blessings, she slept with him.
Little did I know the profound effect this would have on me.
I think this is the key. You didn't know quite what that would do to you. You took your best guess, and your guess turned out wrong. That's not your fault or anyone else's.

This is one of those times where jealousy really is the symptom of something else underneath, and I feel for you. Distance seldom helps when one is feeling insecure. At least she should be home very soon, and you can reconnect, not to mention talk about it face-to-face.

I think you went about it the best you could. Be open about your feelings and fears; make sure you two know each other even better next time one of you wants to go outside the relationship. Really, just keep going as you have been. Five months together is early days yet. (Sometimes I feel like one and a half years is early days yet. To each their own pace.)

Best of luck. <3
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