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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Maybe something like that needs to be scheduled, like when people take "personal time off" from a job?
Not a bad idea.

I think at the moment my big issue is that we all have very similar and linked hobbies. So what used to be a me and Karma thing is now an everyone thing. Which is great for the most part. But in losing that 'us' time, there was nothing added in to make up for it. So I'm sharing pretty much every aspect of my life. And being a some what solitary person, that's a lot for me to deal with.

Karma is more aware of things after we talked last night. We're dealing with quite a bit right now and I don't think any of us realized the toll it was taking on me. But thankfully I have learned some great tools and as soon as I became aware I was able to express it and we are working on solutions.

She has every right to be involved in his/our life. And I want her to have that. So we need to find the balance of their time, our time and group time.
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