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Eyebrows - got 'em? flaunt 'em I say. Handlebar moustaches? I'm with - bugger, what's her name, that chirpy rude 80's Scottish TV presenter? Oh well - anyway, who said "I can't understand why men grow moustaches when they could just write the word <rhymes with banker> on their top lip." At least my eyebrows are natural - they started growing this way when I moved to rural Norfolk in 1994, and I blame agrochemicals in the drinking water. Or shamanic depressives. Or something.

Piano, I'm going right back to square one with - hands less flexible than they were when I were a nipper, plus drumming and piano are a bit at odds with each other on the hands front, and I'm not going to drop either.

What IS her name? Every time I sidle up to it I get Tracy Ullman or Chrissy Hynde instead.
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