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Default Beer?

Thank you for understanding Seventh you seem to be good at that. We'd love to come have a beer if we are near. Where is near BTW? As for Floridagirl we were not trying to say she was wrong, we were trying to understand how their relationship works. Firstly discussing having sex with others is a topic that needs A Lot of communication. Floridagirl expressed that they had talked about doing it but she didn't state what the conclusion was just that he went out had sex and told her about it.This to us is a big no no. One of us would never go out have sex with someone then tell the others. It would have to be discussed between the three of us and be more then just having sex (i.e. a one night stand). It would have to be love involved. I am the Fem described in our post and i would have to say that right now as it stands we have all talked about it and the guys both of them decided i was enough for them at this point in in our relationship.This being a new experience for all of us right now concentrating on the three of our relationships is most important letting that love grow is very important, therefore we have decided to be a triad that is right now at this moment practicing poly fidelity.
Bet ya can't love just one!
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