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Started to write a woe is me entry, but deleted it.

Now I'm not sure if I want to write it again or pat myself on the back.

I've been feeling a little neglected lately. Life has been busy and I've not been getting the attention I need from the wife. T has not been feeling well, and friends have been busy too.

Then today at lunch, T tells me that she's going to see one of her other guys so she won't be around. She's not sure what he wants. She's thinks he might want exclusive and she doesn't want that. I was able to support her without jealousy, offer to meet her guy, and deal with the lack of attention, at least for today. We'll see how I feel tonight.

So the good news is she was able to tell me she couldn't see me tonight because she will be with someone else. Also, I'm not scared for her and I. The downside is she's going to someone else when I need attention. Still, she's been really amazing with her intimacy and sharing of herself. Though we haven't had a lot of quality time, she's been really good to me. My attention issues are primarily wife related. Which is somewhat ironic being that I'm supposed to be the one with NRE
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