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I haven't any practical experience to contribute, so I'm a little hesitant about jumping in here, but I did notice one thing that maybe ought to be brought up.

Originally Posted by BelleInconnue View Post
We hang out together sometimes and get along great as a group, but more often than not, I have alone time with my beloved and he has his family time with wife and kids.
Sometimes in talking about the time the hinge spends with each partner, people who don't have little kids forget that "family time" and "spouse date/romantic/sexy time" aren't the same thing. If family togetherness time has to come out of the share devoted to the parental spouse, that person might be (is probably) getting way less actual date/romantic/sexy time than it may look like to the non-parenting partner. The mommy (or daddy) spouse needs "alone time with his/her beloved" too! Just something to keep in mind, anyway.
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