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Last week Jasper called in the evening and I went into the bedroom to grab the phone and then instead of returning to the living room where I had been sitting, I just fell into bed and talked in there. Herman stayed in the living room past his usual bed time which I thought which was a little weird and I eventually got up to see what he was up to. He seemed short with me and sort of avoiding me asking questions and I was worried he was irritated by me suddenly ditching him for the remainder of the evening and sitting on the phone in another room. We eventually went to sleep and the next morning he said he was feeling pissy and I asked why but he wouldn't really answer. That's normal for him. He will get in a bad mood and considers it just a mood with no real problem attached to it. I'm not that way at all. If I'm in a mood, I try to figure out what is causing it. It is very hard for me to just let him be that way and not prod because then my mind starts looking for a reason on my own. In this case I assumed it was carried over from the previous night. We talked later during the day and it turned out he was anxious because he knew he would have to be dealing with some customer complaints at work. Totally logical and as per usual the world is not always revolving around me! I wish he had said so the night before but it's quite possible he didn't even recognize it as that until later. I wish I was able to just let these things go and I wish I didn't jump to feeling guilty about little things I do so quickly.

Later in the week I ended up involved in a situation I'm not yet at liberty to discuss but it was a real reminder of how great and easy my relationships are. I've never thought that the relative degree of ones issues means they are any less valid or worth working on but yeesh... I sure am grateful I have the luxury of worrying if someones slightly down mood has something to do with me or not. It has also cemented my recent thoughts that each one of us has got to be responsible for our own well being as individuals. I've been writing more on that I hope to actually get posted eventually.
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