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Originally Posted by FullofLove1052 View Post
Hello! I look forward to reading your journey.

Word of advice: you will never understand a woman's thoughts or feelings. We think they are rational and make plenty of sense. To others, it is like . Nothing about love or feelings makes sense, though.
Isn't that the truth

As far as the neck kissing thing, that is kind of my thing with my hubby, so I can relate to your wife. Can you ask her why that particular thing is off limits, or what is it about it that makes her uncomfortable? Does she feel like that your thing and that is something the two of you share? Could it be special to her because her neck is one of her spots? It does not have to be rational.
I don't think there is anything special about that. It was just a way to see where the boundaries were. Hugs? yes. Cuddle? yes. Kiss? yes? kiss on the neck? No.

Your sex drives are different, which is a pretty routine thing in relationships. Have you expressed that you desire her more, or do you create windows of opportunity for intimacy to occur? If she is unaware or not picking up on the subtle hints, is there something you can change like show her how much you want her?
Ha. That discussion would require pages and pages and pages. I've tried everything anyone has ever offered (and there have been a LOT of good ideas.). It just boils down to her sex drive is low, and she doesn't gain pleasure from doing sexual acts just for me. I think a significant part is that she's a severe introvert, and so much internal energy is used taking care of the kids, there's not as much available as I'd like for me.
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