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Default She says yes Poly, and stalls, lies, gets angry and destorys meetings, what to do?

I'm with someone who said they are open to poly, discussed it in detail with me, even explored it with me, but when it comes to meeting people.. she does everything to sabotage ... although the excuses are ligitimate seemingly.. under the surface they always turn out to be lies. I think she dosenet want poly, she just wants me to "give-up" because there is no one. She says she loves everything about me, good looking, honest, caring, etc. etc. and there are many great qualities about her, but in this regard, i think she is trying to run out the clock so to speak so that she dosent have to tell me the truth, but i give up, and she gets what she really wants.. a monogomous relationship, which is fine; but, at the same time She makes a fool of me in public or in front of anyone, i think on purpose, to prevent poly from ever happening.

What to do? do i just break up with her for being dishonest about her wanting poly? moreso just being dishonest.. I mean if she will not be real with me on that, then what chance do we really have for a relationship long term... i already feel humiliated (hard for a guy to admit!), lied to, deceived, but more so isolated, because its like i'm alone until I give into what she wants... I just want to leave, but then she will put on such a show, such a drama, to everyone, about how much she loves me, how i make her so happy.. but still, even today, I'm alone, no one to talk to about the things i want to.. and i'm told what da hell, I shouldnt feel this way....

Any suggestions?

I'm looking for other posts simular to see what others suggest, if you have any suggestions, please I appreciate all, and I hope for everyone a properous 2010!

Sincerely, Thanks,

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