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Thank you for your thoughts, Magdlyn! Dating IS hard. I have had very, very little experience at it and what experience I do have is ~7 years old.

Hermes texted me last night to apologize for not getting back to me on Saturday. He'd been busy at work and then just exhausted once he was off. I responded, but was rather standoffish.

Since he keeps initating conversations, I'm thinking he's still interested, but we're not communicating well, so I wrote him a message on OKC telling him that. I basically said that I like him, would like to investigate a relationship with him and want to know if he feels the same. What kind of relationship is he looking for? How often does he envision contact between us? I said I really wanted to hear his thoughts and wanted to know if OKC was a good way to communicate.

I feel better. Even if he doesn't respond, even if this doesn't turn out the way I hoped it would, I'm glad I put it all out there rather than just letting it fade away.

Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Q is having trouble cumming with a condom on? Get used to condoms, they are a fact of life when one is poly/dating. You were really nice to let him wear his jewelry. Does the jewelry make him cum easier?

There are other ways to cum besides Penis in Vagina. Oral, hand, feet, armpit, boob cleavage. Lube is your friend.
Yeah, he has a hard (hehe) time with condoms. We've rarely had to use them and he never did with his ex either, since everyone was (supposedly with the ex) monogomous and otherwise birth controlled.

He says it's getting easier, and the jewelry definitely helps. Oral has never been something he gets off on easily. I honestly thought it was me, but apparently he has the same problem with Miss M. The others are definitely an option! He reads this blog and appreciated your insight.

Originally Posted by Malfunktions View Post
Has his hardware taken away or dullened(sp?) his sensitivity? PA's, I have heard, can do that after a while with one...
He doesn't have a PA. I don't know that his piercing has a name; it's in the foreskin but not the urethra. As far as taking away sensitivity? I don't know. I don't know that he knows! I'll ask though.

Originally Posted by Malfunktions View Post
Not being judgey but is it possible you may ave over-reacted like I did? Maybe something came up? Mayberry he fell asleep?

Just something to think about.
Hope he smartens up!
I'm sure I'm overreacting. I'm rather too good at that. But I need more communication than I'm getting and I feel like I've been trying to imply that for days, so I decided to stop implying and flat-out ask. We'll see how it goes!
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