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There are many ways to get off! Sometimes you don't even need to touch anything.

^ that happened to me once. Boy, was that a surprise. But we were just that hot for each other. She was flattered

Annnd moving on.
Has his hardware taken away or dullened(sp?) his sensitivity? PA's, I have heard, can do that after a while with one...

I am sorry to hear you're position and can commiserate. I haven't heard from my lover for three days. She's away at a family thing and she refuses to text since her family is so nosy that she's convinced they'll steal her phone and read the messages. She forgot to tell me that till I got frustrated and asked her the ever so serious, "Are you ashamed of me?!" That got her attention and she explained everything to me. I felt foolish for a day but now I just miss talking to her.

Not being judgey but is it possible you may ave over-reacted like I did? Maybe something came up? Mayberry he fell asleep?

Just something to think about.
Hope he smartens up!
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